Friday, February 5, 2010

Come a Viking, Capsuleer

Need a challenge? Are you looking for fun that missions, mining, and ratting don't provide? Object to making a lot of ISK too?

The depths of hidden space hold your answer. Working together Viking Capsuleers will find that vault where your ambitions of adventure is locked away.

Discovering secret pirate hubs takes both skill and persistence. A capable starship, and a smarter pilot to evade ambush by other capsuleers. The guts to fly into enemy territory, plunder the discovered wealth, and fly out again alive!

New Eden truly is an exciting place. From fierce all-out combat with npc guards to tactical skirmishes with pvp'ers. There's precious minerals, invention secrets, and advanced ship blueprints to be had. Playing EVE Online offers far more than traditional excitement inside:

  • Secret pirate starbase complexes - we ransack 'em
  • Hidden asteroid belts - them we mine
  • Giant gas clouds of untold value waiting for intrepid harvesters
  • Deepspace data sites loaded with secrets - just bring a hacker.

Then there's wormholes.... Uncharted territory is not beyond the reach of the viking capsuleer. Not when you're flying in Viking Fleet (in-game corp ticker: GOVIK. Email me with questions to join)

New Eden never lacks adventure, only brave pilots.

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