Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to handle a woman...!

Mark my words, and I'll tell you how!

Now.... I'm sitting here with bagel in hand and minutes before leaving to work. Lea's post at Wench with a Wrench has the gears turning. "Connection" is what's churning round and round. I agree with Lea that this a big issue for our ladies. Feeling unique and valued is highly important to female players...

I've always wondered why a builder/mechanic cannot leave a unique signature on their work. Why can't a person make their mark in EVE more visibly?

It would have to be extra special content that few people could find, or want to find. Skillbooks hidden in secure asteroid data-centers... Or even on planetside compounds! Mysterious caches hidden by an alien race (Jovians?).

Perhaps CCP could seed some of these unique items into EVE. I know 98% of the guys won't go hunting for them unless it improves the bottom line. However a woman revels in uniqueness. If that meant being one of the few people in EVE with the ability to PAINT a starship that could make a difference. I'd pay 5-10 million for custom paintwork on my Raven. As long as it doesn't crash the server :)

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