Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Engineers Arrive

Ualkin -0900 hours

True to their word a detachment of Caldari Navy Engineers arrived. Safely. Which is an ironic term considering the pirate infested space home of Viking Fleet. The CEO snorted. These parts were going to be anything but safe for the next couple years. That's why he'd pushed to be first on the list for this refit.

In the hanger bay he watched as hundreds of technicians scurried over his prize starship brandishing the strangest of weaponry yet encountered: Cutting lasers. A Scorpion-class battleship. A battle tested mammoth. The pride of any pilot who graduated from the old Caldari Special Ops school. Now defunct since Heth's takeover Isaiah Harms was among the last cadets to be issued the circular "jammer pin," clearly identifying his specialized skill in electronic warfare. Now he watched as the techs began cutting into the skin of his warship.

The first class of battleship the Caldari produced Isaiah strongly agreed with the necessity of a refit. The Scorpion classes were unique because the primary offensive weapons were also the primary defense: 8 sockets to mount enough sensor jamming equipment to lock out nearly half a fleet. It was usually the enemy's first target, and if flown poorly the first to die.

The techs cut away the port side exhauster nacelle. Isaiah winced and turned away. The warship had taken severe battle damage recently. The operation had been a victory and now all would be repaired thoroughly. Along with radically altering the ships structure the engineers would be installing all new skin and plating. A good deal if they put it back together right.

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