Monday, February 15, 2010

The Radar Hawk Earns 130 Million

"Exploration pays," affirms capsuleer Isaiah Harms. Vikings of EVE learned this capsuleer just broke the 100 million ISK mark. "Certainly it is sporadic. Sure it takes persistence. There is no question about skill - the more you do it the faster you become at scanning. You get smarter about the territory you fly, and who else flies there. Success in exploration requires avoiding fights with other pilots."

When asked about his recent payout Mr. Harms said:

"If I had known the huge benefits of T2 assault frigates, and someone had told me how much money could be earned for just a few hours of work a day. I would have started this a lot sooner in my career."

Isaiah Harms is known as a reputable high level mission pilot for security corps like Peace & Order in the Forge. The Federation Navy is also a noteworthy client. When asked if he'd be selling his Raven the capsuleer hesitated.

"I just finished a few jobs over the weekend for my employers. I'm working for the corp's top hi-security agent and the pay was okay. Less than I would have made exploring. I'll keep the Raven for other reasons, but hacking pirate deadspace comm centers is my thing now... Having 144 million in the wallet is a good feeling," he said with a grin.

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