Monday, February 15, 2010

Vikings in Minmatar Space

The C-22 arrives in Klingt after a grueling 37 jump flight from the Syndicate Region.

Within 20 minutes of landing in system the T2 Covert Ops craft piloted by Isaiah Harms located a radar site titled "Angel Regional Mainframe."

A Caldari Caracal-class combat cruiser (pardon the alliteration) was purchased three jumps away, and fitted suitably for the job at hand.

Freshly christened EX-511 and with a payload of Havoc heavy missiles the new cruisers easily tanked and swept away the opposition.

The defending force of Angel Cartel ships consisted of 4 Dramiel Frigates, and 4 pirate cruisers.

Using a tool called a Codebreaker Isaiah successfully hacked the mainframe for a total estimated payout of 7 million ISK. Not bad. Half the cost of the EX-511…

However Isaiah Harms is undeterred and very optimistic about this brilliant new constellation. "What's notable is I encountered no other capsuleers waiting in ambush" says pilot Harms. "There were always two others on the local comms, and at one point an Astarte-class command ship passed into my onboard scanners range. That made me a little nervous, however everything ran smoothly today."

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