Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Viking's Biggest Haul

At 2500 hours the a barely new Hawk-Class assault frigate called Princess Koriana crossed the border into Gallente territory. In these contested skies lurk all types of capsuleers. The renegade traveler, militia soldiers, and the dedicated pirate... and one explorer.

Look matey's! That's the form of treasure! A radar communications tower. Just bring your trusty codebreaker. Train hacking high as possible. The loot in these can be great, dismal, or nothing at all. It's chance based and your skills help you improve those chances.

Ooops... Here's trouble. A mean looking Serpentis Thorax. Ready to scare off any intruders... like me.
Now by himself this Thorax won't last 5 minutes! Just take a look at his boss's ship though. Prep the light missiles... LOTS of 'EM!

Ooohh... Superior Caldari guided missile technology means a direct, and very powerful strike.

HEY! Those weren't even T2's! WIMPOS...!

Huh... His motley pirate mates aren't too happy.

Owwwieeeee! Blaster range.

Time for some close-in combat. Just try and hit me as I orbit you at 500 meters.

Now where DID all those guards go? Hey! I thought Serpentis were good? Guess not.... Oh well.. Treasure hunting time.

My my my..... Four radar sites plundered in four hours. Having made a tidy 40ish million this radar hawk heads home to his castle (yes it IS drafty. What do you expect from Amarrian engineers? It's a rock in space for crying out loud! With a station wrapped around it and a cute little chimney to make it feel home-like).

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